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The Power of Black Love: An Introduction

February marks EBONY’s #TheLoveIssue, and in honor of the occasion, we will celebrate with a monthlong commemoration of Black love. We’ll feature articles and stories that celebrate couples who have gone the distance and represent the epitome of what it means to share your life with someone.

We will also spotlight content related to the power of Black love, as well as a social media campaign dubbed #28DaysofLove.

For years, it’s been our pleasure to bring forth couples that represent love and commitment. This month marks Valentine’s Day, but we all know that love–true love–should be displayed, implemented and practiced every day.

No, love isn’t always like it’s portrayed in  fairy tales, but it is certainly not supposed to be more rain than sunshine. Here’s to a commitment that many want but few are courageous enough to embrace, endure and welcome.

Too often do we see dysfunction when it comes to African-Americans and romantic relationships. Love may be challenging at times, but it is not always the struggle  we’ve become accustomed to seeing. We look forward to changing the narrative.

February is also Black History Month. As the premiere African-American publication in the U.S., we know that our heroes deserve a lot of love and to be celebrated.

Here’s to living, loving and embracing what we are meant to be! We look forward to having you join us.




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