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App Gives You Relationship Advice with the Click of a Button

There’s a new app in town … one that specifically claims to offer an affordable way for couples to maintain a healthy, lasting marriage.

Lasting, a new marriage health app, is the first of its kind and was created based on more than 125 research studies and decades of work, according to a press release announcing its arrival.

Lasting is described as as “mobilized, personalized and affordable way to maintain a healthy marriage.”

The app gets to know the ins and outs of the couple’s relationship and, as a result, creates a program just for them. Lasting includes hundred of five-minute sessions to proactively keep a relationship strong and covers a wide range of  marital areas, including: communication, conflict and sex. It then informs users on best practices when e healthy habits into their daily lives as man and wife.

“In an age where apps help people with everything from dieting and physical fitness to mental health, there was a surprising lack of apps to help people build their relationship and marriage health,” said Steven Dziedzic, founder of Lasting in a statement sent to EBONY. “Lasting is an accessible, personalized and affordable way to build a healthy marriage and keep a relationship strong over time. If we succeed, in 10 years, proactively working on your marriage will be a cultural expectation.”

The app also has a built-in system that reminds couples to maintain healthy marriage habits daily.

For more on Lasting and/or to download the app, visit







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