Relationships 101: Is it Love, Lust … or a Loss?

Choose the answer to each question that best describes you.

1. When you first laid eyes on the person you’re feeling now, your reaction was …
 A.  Wow. (S)he could  be the one.
 B.  Whoa. (S)he’s hot!
 C.  Hmm. You don’t remember what went through your mind.

2. Which scenario most closely describes how you met your  current flame?
 A.  It was one of those across-a-crowded-room encounters.
 B.  You were introduced by mutual friends.
 C.  Online—you wanted to meet someone new.

3. When you two “just” kiss, it …
 A.  Gets you feeling all warm and fluttery inside.
 B.  Makes you want to rip your clothes off and get busy.
 C.  Causes your mind to wander sometimes.

4. You’re running late to meet friends because your honey …
 A.  Called just to check in, but you wound up talking for an hour.
 B.  Stopped by your  office for lunch—and you were on the menu.
 C.  Surprised you at the office because (s)he hadn’t heard from you  in a few days.

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5. In terms of contact info, you have …
 A.  Her or his email and cell/work/land line numbers.
 B.  Only one way to reach her or him—that’s part of the exciting  mystery that keeps things fresh.
 C.  Enough to be able to reach her or him,  but you don’t use it that  often, anyway.

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