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Study: Here’s the Sleep Position That Leads to the Most Sex

Apparently how you sleep determines how much sex you have. At least that’s what researchers of a new study are claiming.

According to the Sleep and Relationship Satisfaction study, couples who rest while facing each other with their limbs intertwined have the most sex.

The study, conducted by the folks over at Mattress Advisor, reveal that the way you sleep also correlates with how happy you are in your relationship.

Here’s what they also  found:

  • 96% of couples who feel well-rest say they feel satisfied with their current romance
  • Women rank taking on the “big spoon” as their least favorite sleep position
  • Guys’ least appreciated position of all was lying on their backs with their partner curled supine on top of them

You can view the full study here: Sleep and Relationship Satisfaction.


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