In an effort to promote body inclusivity and celebrate confident, curvy girls everywhere, lingerie retailer LoveHoney has launched two new plus size lines, Rendezvous and Belle Amour. Model Audrey Ritchie, who was recently featured in ads for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie line, has been named the face of the campaign. On the new collections, Ritchie states, “They made me feel so powerful and sensual. When I put them on, I instantly felt like the sexiest woman in the world.”

LoveHoney’s plus sizes go up to a size 24. Both lines range from $44.95-$64.99. Check out a few looks below.

LoveHoney also conducted a national survey on body confidence to further understand lingerie purchasing trends in the US. Women from around the nation, ranging in age from 18 to 65+ participated in a survey that examined personal body sentiments, the effect of body inclusivity in marketing and social media and the lingerie market.

As a result of the survey, LoveHoney uncovered that:

• Texas and Pennsylvania are the most confident regions in the U.S., with Chicago being the least
• Body confidence levels are highest within individuals ranging in ages of 50 – 60 years old
• 40% of respondents claim their confidence levels are higher than five years ago as they continue to grow more comfortable with their bodies
• 43% of participants agree that seeing body diversity in the marketing imagery makes them feel better
• 39% of participants agree that social media affects their body confidence – of which respondents under 30 were almost 2.5x more likely to be affected versus respondents over 30
• 54% of participants feel most body confident when in a romantic relationship and/or dating
• 49% attribute their partner to their confidence