Popular rideshare app Lyft has partnered with nonprofit organization Black Girls Code for Black History Month.

In support of the organization, which aims to offer computer training to one million girls of color by 2040, Lyft is allowing riders to donate to the nonprofit every time they catch a ride. If a rider chooses to, Lyft will donate the difference between a rider’s fare total rounded to the nearest dollar and the actual total to BGC.

Within the past eight months, Lyft’s “Round Up and Donate” program has raised over four million dollars for nonprofit organizations. In August, BGC was offered a $125,000 grant by Lyft competitor Uber. The outreach was questionable given Uber was receiving poor publicity for its treatment of female employees as well as its diversity problem. BGC founder Kimberly Bryant turned down the offer.

Instructions for the donation are below:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ in your app
  2. Tap ‘Round Up & Donate’
  3. Choose “Black Girls CODE” as your cause

Black Girls Code was founded in 2011 by electrical engineer Kimberly Bryant.