Texas resident Lyndo Jones was shot twice by police while sitting inside of his car, which police believed he was burglarizing.

On Nov. 8, the 31-year-old was trying to turn off his car alarm when he was approached by police and instructed to leave his truck. The man obeyed but was soon shot by the officers. Officers from the Mesquite, Texas police department claim Jones resisted arrest and engaged in an altercation with police. Jones’ lawyer rebukes the allegation.

“Within 10 seconds of their arrival, he had been shot it the stomach. While on the street suffering from his wound, officers attempted to perform a cavity search and he reacted to that, and he was shot a second time in this back,” Jones’ lawyer, Lee Merritt, told WFAA8.

The attorney also noted that police excluded the vehicle belonged to Jones from the public report of the incident.

“That was not a mistake. That was an intentional misrepresentation to the public,” Merritt said in reference to the omission. “That truck was his. How can you burglarize your own car?”

The Mesquite police department took six days to drop the charges accusing Jones of evading arrest. Throughout that six-day period, he was handcuffed to a hospital bed in the intensive care unit.

But Mesquite Police Department spokesman Lt. Brian Parrish said they may revisit the charges.