ICYMI: Madonna subjected Drake to what was obviously the world's worst kiss during her guest appearance at his Coachella set. This video is more uncomfortable than finding the Kama Sutra under your mother's bed. More uncomfortable than ripping your stockings and having your baby toe poke out of the hole for 8 hours. More uncomfortable than sitting next to a smoker in a jean jacket on the bus on a hot day. More uncomfortable than the middle seat on a 6-hour flight. More uncomfortable than running into your boss during a 'walk of shame.'

Did Madonna eat sardines before she kissed Drake? What could make his face contort into this sort of horror, aside from the knowledge that I would see this? (It's okay, Aubrey, I know this wasn't your fault and I would never hold it against you. I have Listerine for days, come holler at me.) Was this planned? Did Madonna forget it's not 1992, the Sex book dropped a loooong time ago and this is the sort of thing you get a signal for before you just go for it? Either way, thanks for the appetite suppressant, Madge.

Jamilah Lemieux is EBONY.com's Senior Drake Bae