Hassan Pierre, co-founder and CEO of Maison de Mode, the world's leading ethical fashion platform, hosted a dinner recognizing arts leader Isolde Brielmaier, deputy director of The New Museum, where she shared her reflections on diversity and inclusivity in the arts. “As one of the few recognized Black collectors and supporter of multiple cultural institutions, I feel a responsibility to use my platform and network to highlight amazing people,” Pierre tells EBONY. The intimate gathering took place at Mr. Chow Miami Beach during Art Basel 2022. Acclaimed journalist Lola Ogunnaike moderated the night's conversation.

Hassan Pierre and Lola Ogunnaike at Mr. Chow. 2022 Art Basel
Hassan Pierre and Lola Ogunnaike. Image: Sydney Jackson/BFA.com.

In her tenure at The New Museum, Breilmaier has focused on an industry-wide push for diversity in exhibitions and programming in front and behind the scenes and has developed new and meaningful pathways for diverse professionals across all levels of museum work.

Sharing her “Journey of Humanity,” the key to her life path of love, joy and exchange with other people, Breilmaier stated, “I have always collaborated with curators, artists and people in any cultural and social field to bring out the absolute best. This is achievable by talking, thinking, listening and allowing space for ideas, projects and other points of view in a reciprocal way.”

The night also honored Breilmaier's commitment to social justice and human rights, notably global women's issues and criminal justice reform; she serves on the Women's Prison Association (WPA) board. “Having leadership, not in terms of title but in terms of responsibility in this field, is a great privilege,” Breilmaier shares. “In my own words, it means being open to inclusivity and change, and going beyond any social, gender, or racial discrimination. I grew up in a family that craved second chances, and constantly dealing with an imperfect community has guided me to shape an ever more inclusive and equitable environment. That includes the world of art and culture and museums.”

guests at Mr. Chow 22 Art Basel
Jonathan Gardenhire, Vivian Crockett, Alteronce Gumby, and Kimberly Drew. Image: Sydney Jackson/BFA.com.

Curators, collectors, and influential people in the art scene such as Antwaun Sargent, Jae Joseph, Kimberly Drew and more enjoyed Mr. Chow’s three-course meal featuring the restaurant's classic signature Chinese cuisine,  paired with bespoke Mortlach Whisky cocktails and Vellamo water.

The gathering hit home the notion that institutions and collectors alike are finally recognizing the masterful work and talent of Black creatives, realizing that it’s no longer a trend or token, but a valued asset to the art world. “Art Basel brings together an international community of tastemakers who lead the cultural vanguard," Pierre declares. “There are very few moments in life where collectors, curators, supermodels and princesses can share moments of chicken satays.”