The weather might be warming up, but winter isn’t over quite yet. Usher out the cold temperatures with the latest beauty trend  – frosted makeup. For many decades, the gorgeous look was one that women of color didn’t dare try as the quality and shades of the cosmetics were not made to flatter our rich, warm hues.

Celebrity makeup artist Day Byrd has worked her magic on countless models, celebrities and entertainers including Sheree Whitfield, TLC, Eva Marcille and Jessica White. But the expert’s most iconic work to date has been presented on the flawless canvas otherwise known as Nicki Minaj.

“It’s so exciting to see that women of color are really diving into makeup,” Byrd exclaims of us catching this trend. “We are exploring and playing with color and texture and that’s super fun.”

Want to know how to get the look? Byrd is giving you all of the tricks you need in just three steps.

Step One:

Have a clean canvas – a beautiful frosted look works best on a flawless face, so be sure to cover any blemishes, dark spots or discoloration with your favorite foundation.

Step Two:

This part is very important. Find the ideal frosted shades for your skin tone. For lighter complexions, ivory and champagne tones work best. Medium brown complexions look better in bronze and gold tones, and dark skin can do a wide range of shades including pinks and peaches.

“It's about texture more than anything. You have to be aware that pink on dark skin can be gorgeous, but you have to use it sparingly,” Byrd suggests.

Step Three:

Last is application, which is the fun part! You can place frost on your eyes, lips and cheeks and everywhere in between. “You can go heavy handed if you want that gorgeous glow, or you can keep it lighter if you want a more natural effect,” explains Byrd. There are no rules to where frost can go – it’s up to you how dynamic you want to look.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get icy! Peep the gallery above for inspiration and suggested products. 

Written by Linda Ripoll

Photography by Alex D. Rogers.

Models: Tia Lambirth & Lauriel Malone