Actress Malinda Williams shared the news of her engagement to boyfriend Tariq M. Walker early Wednesday morning.

"We are engaged and we couldn’t be more happy about spending our lives together," the bride-to-be said in a written statement. She continued, "To be honest from the moment we realize we were made for each other, we also recognized the impact we had on one another’s desire to be better individuals, and inspired the best in each other. That is where "we said yes" came in. We said yes to encouraging each other to reach higher and deeper for greater."

The new fiancée celebrated her engagement in an Instagram post.

Williams announced she’s an ambassador for National Proposal Day (March 20). She'll be celebrating National Proposal Day by releasing a tribute called 3 Icons of Love.

The tribute will star Williams and her fiancé as they re-create classic images from popular couples including former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama; Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz; and Billie Dee Williams's and Diana Ross’s characters from the 1975 film Mahogany. One photo from each campaign will be released from Thursday, March 21, until Saturday, March 23.

The newly engaged couple launched a travel website,, on which they plan to share behind-the-scenes footage and featured posts.

A press release said, "It's a travel website geared towards couples who love to travel and explore and it has "his and hers" insights and Malinda and Tariq share the travel where's, what's and "whys" on everything from the least-hyped table for two; to the best ways to explore a city's history and see it's monuments. This is the perfect resource and guide for couples who love to explore and travel together."

This will be Williams's third trip down the aisle. She was previously married to DJ D-Nice and actor Mekhi Phifer.

She recently appeared in REVOLT's Anatomy of a Queen documentary. The film is "a candid and impactful conversation and celebration of women of color breaking down walls and making history. " Anatomy of a Queen debuted on Monday. The second installation of the doc is set to air on Monday, March 25 at 10 p.m.