LeBron Accused of Picking Up Groupies at the White House

Well, well, well… whaddaya know? LeBron James is not only the king of the court, but apparently he’s also the king of courting. The White House hosted a special ceremony for the Miami Heat and presented their head baller in charge with a POTUS jersey for leading his squad to another championship. According to NBC associate producer Stacey Klein (who put King James on blast on IG), Bron Bron’s focus wasn’t solely on the honor, but on a White House cutie who slid Mr. Slick-and-Sly-I-Just-Got-Married Guy her card and number. Hmm. Guess the honeymoon is over.

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Mama Joyce and Other Hip-Hop Moms Getting Their Own Reality Series?

From Mama Joyce and Frankie Lons to Debra Antney and Mama Jones, we’ve seen our share of shall we say “colorful” moms in reality TV. Of course, their tendencies to flip out, meddle in their children’s love affairs and break out in random catchphrase song-and-dances has producers on edge trying to find a hot new show to put them on.

Word is that a few of these hilariously dramatic and theatrical moms have been approached with spotlight opportunities, but get this: some are said to be waiting on more respectable storylines so they won’t embarrass their seeds. (Sorry to burst the bubble, but I think it’s a little too late for that.) Despite all that, the pitches keep flying in, so don’t be surprised if the next big reality hit features these hip-hop grannies doing what they do best: something strange for a little piece of change.

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President Obama Says Scandal Is Unrealistic

Eavesdropping: it never gets old, especially if you happen to be ear-hustling from the President of the United States. During a café stop one morning, The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer got a lucky spot seated next to Barack Obama when he heard him mention Michelle had recently begun watching the hit show, Scandal. While the series is packed with all types of juicy action, nosy Meyer quoted the Big O as saying, “[Staffers] don’t have enough time to engage in too much scandalous behavior.” So I guess we can assume that Barack is not getting his hump on with a sexy, quick-witted mistress when his wife’s not around.

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