Little Black girls learn best beauty practices from mama, first! Their makeup tips and skincare tricks are unrivaled. My mother changed my regimen forever by telling me to use extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer for my sensitive skin. As we approach Mother’s Day, let’s pay homage to the original divas in our family trees by checking out what these loving daughters have learned from mom!

My mom is big on skin care, which is probably why she looks great at 62! Her advice is that consistency is key. You must wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed. She also taught me the importance of exfoliating not only your face, but your lips, too! I fought it growing up, but now it's a part of my daily routine!

Allison, 28, Charlotte

As a youth, I used to play sports. I was very tomboy-ish. For bumps and scrapes, I was always told to use tea tree oil to help cleanse and heal wounds. Then I’d cover with vitamin E oil to prevent scarring. I still do that today with dark spots and blemishes. Also, she taught me that salted grapefruit is the best exfoliator for dark knees and elbows!

Zaneta Chuniq Inpower, 24, Flint, MI

The best beauty lesson I received from my mom is to smile as often as possible, because not only do you look and feel 100% better when you smile, but it's an instant face lift!

Sheronda, 30, Atlanta

My mother was a stickler for supplements. She started me and my sister on Biotin as teenagers and we’ve had clear skin ever since.

Kesha, 27, D.C

Mom taught me to never pull my eye down when applying liner to my bottom lash line because it will create saggy skin over the years.

Aisha, 27, Flint, MI

“Always remember that when you feel good about yourself it will show to others,” my mama always said. Oh, and always put on a little lipstick and eyeliner before you leave the house."

Rhavynn, 26, Atlanta

My mama can’t stand crusty heels. She religiously buffed her feet, slathered them in Vaseline and slept in socks. Her dogs look good to this day.

Cara, 31, Philadelphia

My mother always told me every woman should own a gorgeous red lipstick in a shade that works with her skin tone. One way to keep red lips in place is by lining the lips with a red lip liner in the exact same shade as your lipstick, so that you don't have to worry about your red lip moving.

Linda, 35, Los Angeles

My Haitian mommy got me to use a fairly hot wash cloth to wash my face in the morning and night when growing up! I never had any breakouts or acne problems! I then used a face lotion to moisturize. I always get compliments on my skin.

Vanessa, 26, Boston

My mother made us use pure lime juice on our scars. I thought it was weird, but they always went away.

Rashida, 30, Detroit

My mommy always told me I was beautiful and instilled a confidence in me that I've carried throughout my life. She's also stressed a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, exercise and as much water as I can stand!

Tahira, 28, Atlanta

My hair was always rough, thick and hard to comb. My mama would dampen my hair and literally drench it in castor oil for a few hours and rinse it out. I was a greasy mess, but it would soften right up.

Tawana, 36, Chicago

Before I left for college my god mom told me, "Remember three things: God, MAC and flatirons." I've eased up on the flat irons but God and MAC are still in HEAVY rotation.

Danielle, 27, Detroit

My mother taught me to always moisturize at night because that’s when cells renew themselves. Her favorite saying was "After you've had your bath at night, lotion up real good, put on perfume, and brush your teeth, cause you never know who you'll meet in your dreams!"

Tiffany, 27, New York