Prosecutors have accused Jonathan Todd Jackson of trying to extort Kevin Hart after Jackson allegedly threatened to release a sex tape featuring the comedian and a woman who was not his wife last year if he was not paid. According to TMZ, Jackson faces two felony counts: one for attempted extortion and the other for extortion by threatening letter.

The site is also reporting that Jackson is an actor and former close friend of Hart’s who also appeared in Think Like a Man Too. Jackson is accused of attempting to coerce Hart to pay him an undisclosed amount of money before shopping the video around.

After being threatened with the release of the nearly five-minute video last summer, the Night School star made a public apology to his then-pregnant wife, Eniko. Hart recently depicted how the whole ordeal played out for him by starring in the video for J. Cole’s Kevin’s “Heart”, a song that references the scandal.

If convicted, Jackson could be sentenced to up to four years in jail.