In a federal lawsuit detailed in the New York Post, 28-year-old Brooklyn man Quinshon Shingles claims that police demanded to enter his friend's apartment in 2011. When his friend asked to see a warrant, police backed off and said they'd return with the proper paperwork. Shingles says, however, that the officers came back later that day after convincing the building's super to give them keys to the apartment. By that time the apartment's primary resident had stepped out, but Shingles and two other friends remained.

The lawsuit states that police handcuffed the men and began searching the home. The police didn't find anything illegal, but the lawsuit alleges that didn't stop them from asserting Shingles had to work for his freedom. After finding out that Shingles is an aspiring rapper, police told him that they'd let him go if he rapped for them. And so Shingles rapped.