A St. Paul, Minnesota, passerby who was on his way to work made a gruesome discovery early Tuesday when he found a man hanging from a tree.

Officers were sent to Indian Mounds Park around 5:40 a.m. after the man found the person. Medics were called to the scene, but officials said it was too late.

Disturbing photos of the man hanging from the tree circulated online. Police have requested that they be removed.

“Earlier today someone posted disturbing photos of a man hanging from a tree in Indian Mounds Park,” police said in a statement according to FOX 9. “The photos and comments have generated many questions–so we’d like to share what we know about the tragic case.”

A medical examiner has ruled the death a suicide.

“The Ramsey County medical examiner took possession of the man’s body and has ruled the cause of death to be suicide,” the statement continued. “These types of cases are difficult for everyone — people who loved the man, the community and our officers.”

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