A Florida man was arrested after he was caught on video approaching Black teenagers while holding a gun and hurling racist slurs toward them.

Mark Bartlett was arrested for carrying a gun without a permit; he faces a felony charge of carrying a concealed firearm, Miami’s Local 10 reports.

In the video posted on social media, the teenagers can be seen arguing with a woman who claimed the boys, who were on bicycles, ran over her foot while they were blocking traffic.

"Don't touch me, you bunch of thugs," she shouts in the video, as the argument between them escalate. A gun-wielding Bartlett can be seen walking toward the group of Black teens, yelling at them to leave and saying, "Fu**ing stupid ni**ers.”

According to Local 10, the teens were protesting a new housing development that could potentially displace them.

Bartlett was pulled over by cops after he left the scene, according to the police report.