A Texas man has been arrested and charged with a federal hate crime for an alleged “knockout game” assault on an elderly Black man, according to the Department of Justice. The case of the 27-year-old White defendant Conrad Barrett may become a rallying cry for right-wing bloggers who oppose hate crimes legislation. The Associated Press cites authorities as saying the assailant hoped his videotaped assault would gain national exposure.

A Department of Justice press release describes Barrett’s attack, which left his 79-year-old victim hospitalized for four days with a broken jaw, as premeditated and racially motivated:

Barrett allegedly recorded himself on his cell phone attacking the man and showed the video to others. The complaint alleges Barrett made several videos, one in which he identifies himself and another in which he makes a racial slur. In addition, Barrett had allegedly been working up the “courage” to play the “knockout game” for approximately a week.