It appears being faithful is so rare these days, people are actually condoning violence in the name of virtue.

Recently a video went viral of a man and woman arguing inside of what appears to be a bodega (a small grocery store). In the video, you can see a young woman confronting a male customer at the counter, tapping his head to get his attention. Things quickly go left as the woman tells the man he hasn’t been answering her calls, with his response being that he has a girlfriend, and hers being, “I don’t care!” After a round of words, the woman appears to spit on the man, and as she walks out, he grabs a bottle, hits her over the head with it, and causes her to fall:

Unsurprisingly, the video has been making its rounds on social media. Surprisingly, however, are the amount of people, both men and women, who are condoning the acts of violence. Via social media:

“My mother said if a women spit on you beat her ass a black women raised”

“I don’t believe in violence but this was self defense 😂😂😂😂😂

“Right! She disrespectful 😂😂😂”

“Uh uh! She was doing tooo damn much anyways”

“You don’t get a pass becas u female! U act like a dude u get dealt with like a dude! Be a woman conduct yourself as such.”

“Personally ion [i don’t] feel bad for the hoe. She was already doin the most when she approached him. Her action was his reaction😭”

“She got just what she deserved. These young girls today are too damn disrespectful.”

“I’ma need my man to be THIS level of faithful to me!”

“You keep talking about man perpetuating violence against women but once again you refuse to admit that it was the women whom initiated. I will NEVER state that it’s OK for men to hit a woman because it’s absolutely not. But at the same time because you refuse to condemn the woman’s actions you are also justifying physical abusivness and harassment. All of which is assault. Neither side was right but as a society we need to publicly and actively condemn both to sides. Not just simply pick and choose which side we want to condemn and which side we want to ignore”

As time passed, some began to speculate the authenticity of the video, and called it out as “fake,” considering that the footage was originally posted on the pages of both the man and woman seen in the video. However, news of the realistic skit being less than legit has only recently made its rounds. The bigger conversation here — is virtue so rare these days, that people are actually condoning violence in the name of remaining faithful?

You can see in the video that the alleged female actress told the man she “doesn’t care,” about his girlfriend, and even boasts about being curvier than her. Upon assumption of the footage being real, many people in the comments ignored the problematic  level of violence the situation escalated to, and instead honed in on the man’s decision to be faithful. While violence should never be condoned on either sides, it’s almost crazy to think that people would praise a bottle being cracked upside one’s head as the proper response to the above.

On the plus side, domestic violence is all too real, in the real world. We’re just happy to know that this wasn’t the case here.