Since Mariah Carey revealed her battle with bipolar disorder many frightening details have surfaced regarding her alleged substance abuse and psychotic breakdowns. According to The Blast, the 49-year-old was once hospitalized in 2016 after believing that Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince would be arriving at her home for a dinner party. All three of the musical icons were dead at the time of the incident.

The site reports that on the night in 2016, Carey’s nanny found her “wearing a ball gown and a tiara” and a Ring-Pop she asserted was given to her by “the royal family.” The nanny is said to have been instructed to prepare Carey’s twins for dinner with the musical trio. Out of fear, the nanny called Nick Cannon, the singer’s ex-husband who allegedly phoned former manager Stella Bulochnikov.

Before long, Carey’s team arrived at her home with a psychiatrist who said she needed immediate hospitalization. Sources involved in the incident claim that the singer tried to jump out of the car on the way to The Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center.

Upon arrival to the hospital, Carey’s friends mediated the situation and were able to get her released for private treatment at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The incident was kept under wraps as Carey was treated on hotel grounds for several weeks before returning home in stable condition. Unfortunately, it is also reported that once she returned home Carey refused to take her medication and began to spiral once again.

The Blast is reporting that this incident will be used in Bulochnikov’s lawsuit against the “We Belong Together” singer. Mariah Carey’s team has called the lawsuit “baseless and frivolous.”

Mariah is set to pen a memoir about her mental illness.