Despite early reports that an “explosive argument” between Mariah Carey and Jay-Z left the area as scorched earth, Metro UK is saying the two departed amicably.

The pair met recently to discuss the future of Carey’s career, according to The Sun, which didn’t go well to the point that their working relationship ended abruptly. The decision is sudden considering the notorious diva is currently working on her next project, a “heavily R&B-influenced album,” and leaves room to the imagination to ask what exactly caused this feud between two of music’s most iconic forces.

Carey signed with Jay-Z in 2017 years after firing former manager Stella Bulochnikov, prompting lawsuits on both sides. “She has made it clear she wants nothing more to do with him and has called it quits with Roc Nation,” a source close to the situation told the Sun. “She will formally depart in the next few weeks. It is a shame because they had done some great work in the last few years. But this meeting couldn’t have gone much worse,” the source added.

“Mariah has been talking to other managers and thinks she has found someone who she feels has full belief in her as she takes her next steps.”

The future had already been bright for the singer-songwriter, as she had success with a 30th anniversary album release, a bestselling memoir, and even an Apple TV+ Christmas special. From the outside, it looks as though Carey’s career is in a good place, but the dispute has led to both parties dissolving their union very quickly.

The “We Belong Together” songstress has already been removed from the Roc Nation list of acts that are on the website. Metro is saying that Carey has signed on with Range, which is where her former manager from Roc Nation is a partner. It is all abrupt and there is sure to be commotion as the news spreads.

Update (Monday, June 7, 2021):

Carey dismissed the rumors and rumormongers with a fiery missive this morning, claiming, "The only "explosive" situation I'd ever "get into" with Hov is a creative tangent, such as our #1 song "Heartbreaker"!! To the people who make up these lies I say "Poof! —Vamoose, sonofa*****"!"