While the perks of being rich and famous can be fantastic, there are plenty of downsides as well, including never knowing who you can really trust.

Mariah Carey is in the process of suing a former assistant over claims she secretly recorded the diva and threatened to release the "embarrassing" footage if Carey didn't pony up $8 million.

TMZ reports the “A No No” songstress filed against Lianna Azarian, whom she hired in March of 2015 as an executive assistant. Soon, Azarian began running through Carey’s credit card with personal purchases. She also dropped Carey’s name to land huge discounts.

Unbeknownst to Carey at the time, Azarian then began secretly filming her "personal activities" ... which would be "embarrassing," and extremely damaging both personally and professionally if revealed to the public. Carey believes her former assistant has already showed some videos to friends.

The blackmailing began after Carey fired her November 2017. After, the singer claims Azarian demanded $8 million, threatening to release the private videos if Carey refused.

Carey says she's demanded the videos and other evidence of criminal activity back to no avail. She's looking for more than $3 million in unspecified damages.