"American Idol" has finally decided which diva would be replacing J. Lo as a judge. According to sources, the once-hit show will be shelling out an annual $17 million salary to snag Mariah Carey for the vacant spot. Apparently, Carey has been tapped, even with her lucrative demands to be paid more than J. Lo's $15 million salary, with hopes of Carey's presence returning the declining show to its glory days.

So, with Carey appearing to cinch the deal any day now, it's looking like Mary J. Bilge, who may have been Plan B, is no longer in the running. Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin had been publicly voicing hoped of joining the "Idol" judge panel, but apparently Franklin's wish won't be granted either. A notoriously high-maintenance performer, Carey's new position will likely cost Fox and the show much more than $17 million a year, considering they'll also be in charge of covering her additional work costs including her entourage, travel, limos, clothes, make-up, food, and pretty much anything else Carey desires. Hopefully, Carey's spot on the panel will be worth it.