Despite the potentially difficult public relations stemming from the 20-year prison sentence handed down to Marissa Alexander, the 32-year-old Jacksonville mother of three who said she fired a warning shot over the head of her abusive husband in August 2010, State Attorney Angela Corey is pressing on with the case.

An appeals court threw out the conviction against Alexander in September and the state has set March 31, 2014 as a new trial date.

On Wednesday, the judge in the case held a bond hearing, and Alexander’s family, including her former husband, Lincoln Alexander, with whom she has two children from that marriage, was hopeful that it would result in her being freed pending the new trial.

Instead, Judge James Daniel postponed a decision on whether to grant bond. And Corey’s office, through prosecutor Richard Mantei, argued that nothing about the facts of the case – or about Marissa Alexander — had changed, such that she should be set free.