With one look at Marjorie Harvey’s Instagram, it’s very clear she came to slay.

Marjorie Harvey not only rocks the hottest couture fashion effortlessly, she looks absolutely stunning in any ensemble. Whether it’s Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana or Alexander McQueen, Marjorie owns the look.

In love with all things fashion, Mrs. Harvey, wife of talk show host/comedian Steve Harvey, is also the founder and CEO of The Lady Loves Couture, a fashion and lifestyle blog where she serves up style inspiration for fashionistas with style tips, exclusive interviews and advice on how to live lavishly on any budget.

Just in time for New York Fashion Week, Mrs. Harvey is gearing up to launch Marjorie Harvey’s Closet, an exclusive online luxury consignment boutique, where you’ll find sunglasses, couture handbags and apparel from her closet for a deep discount (up to 75% off original prices) with proceeds to benefit The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

In this interview with EBONY.com, Marjorie talks the inspiration behind Marjorie Harvey’s Closet, her personal style and must-have looks for the upcoming season.

EBONY.com: What can you tell us about Marjorie Harvey’s Closet and how it came about?

Marjorie Harvey: It’s a labor of love. Literally, I’m selling things from my closet. This enterprise is inspired by an event my husband held during previous Neighborhood Awards. Everyone who knows me knows I have a passion for fashion and an even greater passion for giving back. “Marjorie Harvey’s Closet” allows me to combine these two interests and involve my lovely followers in the process.

EBONY.com: You always look flawless! What’s the inspiration behind your personal style? Also, who is your all-time favorite designer?

Marjorie Harvey: Thank you! I think the inspiration is mostly how I am feeling that particular day combined with the reality of the occasion. I love classic pieces but I also love to think outside the box. I’m often asked about rules and “age-appropriate style.” I fundamentally believe that looking and feeling like a lady is the only rule. As far as designers, it’s more of a matter of my love for a particular piece or collection than just the designer.

EBONY.com: Do you dress for trend or by personal aesthetic?

Marjorie Harvey: A bit of both. Trend is not a dirty word. Trends are constantly changing and that’s the exciting, ever-evolving part of fashion. They keep you fresh, alive and relevant. The classic silhouettes convey substance and staying power. Combining the two makes for a rich style statement.

EBONY.com: We see that you travel abroad often. Where would you say you’ve connected with fashion the most when traveling?

Marjorie Harvey: Paris. It is, without question, my favorite city. It has its own splendor as the helm of haute couture around the world. But equally as important, it is the global couture capital attracting fashionistas from around the world.

EBONY.com: Steve Harvey credits you for his style transformation.When did you know he needed a change and how has his style evolved? 

Marjorie Harvey: Steve has always been an extremely good looking man with his own sense of style. But, in my opinion, he just needed to bring in his suits a little bit, tone down the colors and take off those big hats so the rest of world could see just how fine he is!(laughs) Even when he shaved his head, to me he looked 10 years younger. So I said, “Baby, you don’t need all of that. Sometimes less is more.”

Marjorie and Steve Harvey, Instagram
Marjorie and Steve Harvey, Photo: Robert Ector

EBONY.com: What are three of your must-have looks?

Marjorie Harvey: Well first off, I think every woman should own the perfect little black dress. I always keep a LBD that I know will look great on, no matter what! Second, I am really drawn to off-the-shoulder pieces. It’s a sexy way to show some skin and still look classy. Thirdly, believe it or not, I’m enjoying the pajama or moo-moo looks, seriously! I got a striped caftan from Dolce & Gabbana that I absolutely love!

Cute and comfortable, Marjorie sports Dolce & Gabbana silk pyjamas—a new fashion fave of the style expert. Photo: Robert Ector.
Cute and comfortable, Marjorie sports Fendi silk pajamas—a new fashion fave of the style expert. Photo: Robert Ector.

EBONY.com: What trends or couture looks are you most excited about this season?

Marjorie Harvey: I like all of the fur-embellished shoes. I have a few slides with fur and they feel like I’m wearing slippers everywhere I go. I also like all of the print-on-print action. To me, it’s like art in motion, which I think is cool.

EBONY.com: What simple tips do you have for women who want to update their wardrobe for fall?

Marjorie Harvey: More is more, so don’t be afraid to accessorize! Whether it’s unique ear candy or adding a charm to a fabulous bag or pushing the envelope in a pair of platform heels, these details can take any look to the next level. My advice is to layer on the accessories for fall.

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*Featured image: NYFW 2015| Wearing Alexander McQueen
*Photo Credit: Robert Ector