Magnolia Pictures wants to revive the Jamaican reggae star, Bob Marley, through social media. While music documentaries often make little money and appeal to niche audiences, the distribution company is giving "Marley" a day-to-date release. The film is the first U.S. film to debut on Facebook via on-demand and in theaters on the same day. Being April 20, a holiday for marijuana enthusiasts, it's no wonder that it premieres on the same day for the rock star who was a devout rastafarian.

Although the legend passed away over 30 years ago, his presence still lives on. The director, Kevin MacDonald — who worked on "The Last King of Scotland" — interviewed Marley's band mates and family members for a full scope of the complex man. The film also features concert footage, photos, and revelations about the father of 11’s political messages behind his songs. The on-demand movie cost $6.99 and proceeds will go towards the Save the Children charity for underprivileged children.