This past Sunday, the Italian luxury fashion house Marni debuted their Spring/Summer 2023 ready to wear collection Stateside. Highlighting the ethereal splendor of New York City, the brand fittingly held its show under one of the city's many bridges.

Most of the looks on the runway, featured shades of orange, red, blue or purple and aimed to encapsulate the warmth of the sun setting over a city landscape.

The show notes sought to capture the radiance one feels when caught under the magical spell of the twilight hour under a cityscape: "Like a rainbow, you can’t chase it. Like a train; you catch it by standing still. Like a memory, it appears, only as it fades away. Like the future; it disappears, by its very growing near. So it should be concluded; the sunset is not a phenomenon of the sun—taking place on the horizon; but a phenomenon of the body— setting the sky on fire...It won’t happen without you."

Check out several looks from the collection below:

image of model during Marni's 2022 Spring/Summer 2023 New York Fashion Week Show
Rust orange cutout crop top and long skirt with flowing attachable sleeves of the same color. Image: courtesy of Marni.
A lavender knit set with a long sleeved crop top and shorts with royal blue boots. Image: courtesy of Marni.
A yellow dress with flowing sleeves and sunset centric imagery in the center of the piece. Image: courtesy of Marni.
A three piece suit in varying shades of orange and a cut out top mimicking the similar sunset imagery as seen throughout the show. Image: courtesy of Marni.
A light orange and slightly opaque tank top with a mini skirt with hues of orange, red and yellow. Image: courtesy of Marni.
An oversized orange low cut trousers with a knit cutout crop top tank with sunset imagery. Image: courtesy of Marni.
Orange biker shorts and crop top set with lace-up flat boots. Image: courtesy of Marni.
Photographer Tyler Mitchell in a crushed velvet suit with a mesh crop top under the blazer. Image: courtesy of Marni.
A two-piece set featuring an orange bralette top and orange skirt with sunset imagery. Image: courtesy of Marni.
A black leather blazer, denim jeans and a knit cutout crop top. Image: courtesy of Marni.