If there is one thing we can generally agree on about hotel rooms, it’s that we can’t help but love the amenities they provide. Let’s be real—the soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shower cap and even mouthwash give us the feel of being catered to on a small scale.  Yet the Marriott Hotel brand has decided to expand their accommodation to the needs of the twentysomethings by creating a campaign that will enrich their hotel experience. Collaborating with the reliable natural skincare company THANN, future Marriott guests are surely in for a treat. Matthew Carroll, Vice President of Global Brand Management sat down with EBONY.com to discuss their newest collaboration with THANN beauty and skincare products. 

EBONY: Why did Marriott decide to create this campaign focused on a younger generation? Were they receiving requests for more beauty and luxe lifestyle focused amenities in your hotel rooms?

We did a lot of research into our target customer and found that the bathroom experience is one of the most important for the next generation travelers staying in our hotels. Millennials like being introduced to new, high-end products as part of their world-view.

We also know bath amenities are very important in the overall bathroom experience as well from a sensory perspective. When guests enjoy hotel bath amenities, such as body lotion, they take the bottle back home or ask how they can order them online.

EBONY: How did the collaboration with THANN come about?

We focused our amenities search on finding a skincare company that would introduce our guests to new, high-end products that would elevate the overall guest experience in the bathroom. We chose THANN because we believe their products and vision, such as using only natural ingredients in creating a sensory experience, fits perfectly with the transformative journey Marriott Hotels is on to make travel more brilliant.

We were also impressed with THANN’s entrepreneurial story, which really reflects their global dynamism. Marriott Hotels was also attracted to the idea of teaming up THANN as it enters the U.S. market.

EBONY: Does Marriott plan on collaborating with major beauty brands in the U.S?

Not at the moment.

EBONY: Can you tell me a few reasons you think twentysomething travelers would love about this new addition to Marriott?

Well for one, Marriott properties will feature the Aromatic Wood Collection: a line that balances nutmeg essential oils with the sweetness of orange and tangerine essential oils. THANN amenities are formulated through artful natural therapy and modern dermatological science, allowing for a relaxing experience for travelers. The amenities will also eventually be available for purchase on shopmarriott.com.

THANN’s natural positioning aligns with how Marriott Hotels is re-imagining the brand. The partnership marks Marriott’s continued dedication to improving every touch-point that allows guests to “Travel Brilliantly” at our hotels. The partnership with THANN will also enable Marriott to introduce new products and fragrances every few years, which is something our guests expressed a desire for in our customer research. They will be introduced to a dynamic company new to the U.S. market and its products that we believe will become increasingly popular.