Marsha Ambrosius acknowledges the title “natural hair icon” with a quick flirty fluff of her black, wavy ‘do and a smile. We catch up with the British songstress en route to her performance at Atlanta’s One Music Festival. Hair, where she had no qualms discussing her trademark tresses.

“With me and my hair, I never really thought I had this emotional attachment, but looking back to my pictures as a kid, I haven’t changed,” she reflected. “It’s very weird. I still have the side part or [wear it] all to the right side.”

Most sisters have very strict hair commandments that we probably don’t even notice: curls must be swept to the right, never the left. “Baby hair” that must be carefully laid before heading out. Thick bangs, or else the world will surely stop spinning. Our very detailed tress quirks can be comical, outlandish, and quite often emotional. Of her preferred styles over the years, Ambrosius says “It wasn’t about anything other than being myself.”

However, the Late Nights, Early Mornings singer has been quite adventurous with her hair at times. She donned a relaxer for a year knowing that she’d simply chop it off whenever she was ready to go back curly. She also tried locs, but always ended up combing them out because she “had no patience.” Her greatest discovery for curly hair health and growth? Weaves. “If someone would have told me that a weave would let my hair grow out, I would have had a weave so long ago! It let my hair chill. When I took it out, my hair was the same length as the weave.”

For now, she’s rocking a fabulous wash and go with bed head appeal. To maintain that legendary curly ‘fro, she uses “lots and lots and lots of leave-in conditioner, shea butter and tea tree oil.” Clearly, Marsha knows the golden rule: moisture is a curl’s best friend!

What are your "emotional" hair habits?