Two Jewish brothers who assaulted a young Black teen in 2010 used the Trayvon Martin case as impetus to get out of facing a jury. Avi and Eliyahu Werdesheim beat a 15-year-old in an orthodox Jewish neighborhood while on Neighborhood Watch. The defendants were granted a bench trial for the racially-charged case, since a trial by jury in Baltimore would have been predominantly Black. 

Their attorney’s statement is below: 

Both [this case and Trayvon Martin's case] involve young African-American males walking along on public thoroughfares, who supposedly were accosted by one or more Caucasian members of citizen patrol groups who felt they didn’t belong in the area, and allegedly subjected to unprovoked attacks,” the motion said. The Werdesheims can’t get a fair trial in Baltimore amid all the publicity.

Similar to the trial that killed Martin over "suspicious" behavior when walking home with Skittles and an Arizona ice tea, the Werdesheims claim they were acting in self-defense. According to reports, 24-year-old Eliyahu and 21-year-old Avi surrounded the teen and hit him with a two-way radio as a third man held him down.