Comedian Martin Lawrence is on deck for two possible television series, and we're glad to say that he won't be in 'Big Momma' drag for either of them. Having signed a talent deal with CBS TV Studios back in the fall, Lawrence recently received the scripts for both shows and will be deciding which, if any, he'll roll with. 

Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company and Rules of Engagment creator Tom Hertz drafted a script in which Lawrence portrays a father figure going head to head with his wealthy in-laws while keeping his kids down to earth. The second script, penned by Larry Wilmore, creator of The Bernie Mac Show and a longtime Daily Show correspondent, has Lawrence playing a man who, along with his sister, becomes a foster parent to a gaggle of children. The small screen could certainly use more diversity, including Black lead roles and families. Hopefully for viewers (and Lawrence) this deal goes through. 

Are we ready for Martin Lawrence's return to television? Which show sounds more promising?