It’s amazing how much more we get out of content after we re-watch it when we’re older. Growing up in the 90s, I lived for Martin’s antics every Thursday night. Luckily, the show’s syndication has allowed me to appreciate the life lessons that I subconsciously took to heart over the years.

Contrary to popular belief, the show wasn’t all jokes. Let’s reflect on some of the things that good ole’ Marty Mar has taught us over the years.

It’s Always Better to Have Your Own

I will never forget the episode when Cole moved into Martin’s apartment when his mom kicked him out, only for Martin to kick him out shortly after for being an unruly house guest. The fact that Cole got put out in less than a week always resonated with me. I remember at a young age being certain that it was imperative that I have my own place where I can cut my toe nails in peace.

Love Isn’t Always a Fairytale

While Martin and Gina’s relationship was filled with laughter and love, there were quite a few obstacles they had to endure while on their journey of happiness, including quite a few “to be continued” break ups. They endured in-law woes, Martin’s pride after learning Gina was the breadwinner, losing their home, and not to mention Pam and Martin’s constant bickering. J. Cole brought up a good point, “What if Gina would’ve listened to Pam?” Luckily she stayed and proved that not every relationship is perfect, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find someone that is worth it.

How to Handle Unexpected Unemployment

Martin’s departure from WZUP was about as devastating as Gina’s departure from the show. However, a lot can be learned from Martin’s resilience. I appreciated the creator’s ability to show true emotions and the experiences one may go through when losing a job. I learned these three lessons from Martin’s job loss.

1. It’s OK to be in your feelings and lean on your support system.

2. Taking the next step may take some time…and some soul searching.

3. Ultimately, something bigger and better is on the horizon.

Besides, if Martin hadn’t have left WZUP, he may never have found Word on the Street.

It’s Not Keeping It Real If It’s Not You

Who could forget Gina’s uber pretentious “friend” Monique that kept it so “real”. The woman wrote an entire book of things she thought people wanted to hear; only for Martin and Pam to show the world who she actually was.

Never Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

This lesson can be applied to all aspects in life. It’s OK to gamble, just make sure you don’t risk it all without a back up plan.

What were some of your favorite Marty Mar lessons? Let us know in the comments below!