We truly are in the era of reboots. From Full House to Twin Peaks, today’s audiences are beginning to crave more shows that appeal to their nostalgia, and it looks like Martin fans may be the next to get what they want.

While the whispers are not confirmed, Martin Lawrence’s fiancée Roberta Moradfar recently shared via Instagram that the man himself is working on bringing the series back. Lawrence added a couple of big-eye emojis to the post himself.

The reactions to the news have been pretty spilt, as some can’t wait to see the classic re-worked for today’s audiences.

Others aren’t sure how a reboot would work without all of the original cast, as best friend Tommy was played by actor Tommy Ford, who passed away in 2016. Also, the relationship between Tisha Campbell and Lawrence has reportedly been contentious since she filed a lawsuit against him and the show’s producers for sexual harassment and verbal and physical assault, according to Uproxx.