Mary J. Blige has a lot to celebrate today. Not only is it the R&B divas 47th birthday, but she also received her star on the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame!

Still, the Yonkers-bred songstress will never forget the struggles that made her who she is, recently sharing the ”hell with sexual harassment” she went through between the ages of five and 17, while insisting she never experienced it in the music industry, according to Wetpaint. 

”I’ve had to fight since I was five years old. Ever since [the ages of] five to 17, I’ve been going through hell with sexual harassment,” she  shared backstage during the Golden Globes. “By the time I got to the music business it was like, ‘Don’t touch me or I’ll kill you.”’

She went on to say how proud she is of the women who are taking a stand against harassment today.

”I’m actually happy and proud of these women. They’ve been hanging on to these things forever, for God knows how long, and now they’re speaking up and being set free.  It’s a beautiful thing for us to see, and for us to support, because we need each other in that way. And they’ve suffered.”