Sometimes, even a sizable paycheck doesn't justify a wack endorsement. The "No More Drama" multi-platinum, award-winning singer Mary J. Blige apparently wouldn't mind more fried chicken in our lives, as she is the newest celebrity face of Burger King's crispy chicken snack wraps. In a trendy commercial that his just hit the airwaves, Blige belts a heartfelt tune usually reserved for love songs: "Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing wrapped up in a tasty, flour tortilla." The video has been taken down from the internet by UMG on copyright grounds, so the small screen may be the only chances audiences have of being cajoled. 

Other celebrities, including Salma Hayek, David Beckham, and Jay Leno, take part in what seems to be BK's desperate attempt at boosting their declining sales. These high-profile celebrities must have cost a pretty penny, so Burger King must really be in the red. In Blige's case, she's had multiple endorsements throughout her career, as most successful performers have, including an infectious AT&T TV spot that reads more music video than anything. And yet, Blige is clearly in the line up to appeal to the Black, "urban" community, which, according to daily studies released on minority health statuses, need about as much fried chicken in their lives as Blige needs more knee length boots.