Four years ago, the ladies of the gospel duo Mary Mary shared their lives to the world with their very own reality series. But if fans were expecting a ‘hallelujah’ good time with each episode, they were mistaken.

From marital issues to problems with management and everything in between, Erica and Tina Campbell revealed just how tumultuous life can be. But when things started to spin out of control, the sisters knew they could always rely on their faith in God to steer them back in the right direction.

Now back for a fifth season, the girls are ready to give it another go, and they can’t wait to touch the masses with their stories. Need a reason to tune in? The stars are giving you five.

Read on below to find out what they are, and catch the new season when it premieres Thursday, March 3 at 9 P.M. EST on WEtv. Oh, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek that’s a must-see. Peep it at the end of the post.

1. Get your dose of weekly inspiration.

“It’s still kind of exciting to watch my life play out on TV,” Erica says. “It’s still pretty exciting to know that I was a little girl who watched television, thinking, ‘Wow, I want to do that. I want to sing.’ It’s still an incredible blessing. There are a lot of people who would love to tell their story. We are able to do that, and I’m grateful for it.”

2. Learn how to achieve a balanced life from the pros.

“We have very busy lives. I think it’s awesome for women to figure out how to manage and how to juggle professional and personal,” Tina explains. “Not that we do it so well, but you see us trying to figure it out. For any Black woman who feels overwhelmed, watch us. It might help you out.”

3. Watch their fashionable little sister Goo Goo in all of her splendor.

“She’s got everything in the world going on. She’s styling us. She’s styling everybody,” Tina shares. “She’s styling Erica. She’s styling me. Sometimes she’s styling Erica when I want her to style me, and I get mad about it. Then we have to figure all of those things out.”

4. Find out how the next Mary Mary album is coming along.

“We thought we would be back to Mary Mary by now,” Erica admits. “But with the success of Tina’s solo career, she really wants to see opportunity  take it to the limits and reach people with this message of redemption and forgiveness. She deserves that right. I definitely wasn’t on board initially. I wanted her to hurry up and come back to Mary Mary, but I dare not be selfish. We’ll see how it all plays out.”

5. Catch them while you can.

“Will the show be around for three to five more years? No,” both ladies laughed. “That’s too long. We may be around for a few more seasons, but I cannot do reality TV for no 10 years. We’re enjoying it for right now.”