Mary Mary have long been a successful gospel duo and now the pair are revealing a new side of themselves with their self-titled reality show. Premiering on WE TV on March 29 at 10 p.m. EST, “Mary Mary” depicts Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell on stage as gospel stars but more interestingly, at home with their collective six children and two husbands. There is a lot going on in the Campbell households and got a sneak peak at the family’s shenanigans during a private screening on a quiet Tuesday evening in Manhattan.

From the first “Mary Mary” episode entitled “Give Thanks,” it’s clear the sisters don’t always agree. In fact, Tina refers to herself as “the disagreeable Mary.” There is also palpable tension between manager Mitchell Solarek and the duo’s stylist and younger sister Thomisina “Goo” Atkins who doesn’t deliver the performance frocks on time along with the pair’s juggling of school recitals, holidays and work schedules. Fortunately, the commotion is sprinkled with humor thanks to Tina’s brashness and their mother, Honey Atkins’ motherly faces. 

From what we can see, we're all in for a new and healthy spin on Black America's representation on reality TV. We encourage you to tune in, we'll be watching! —Hillary Crosby

Mary Mary’s seventh album featuring the lead single “Go Get It” will hit shelves on May 8. Be sure to tune into the new show Saturday, March 29 at 10pm EST on WE TV.