Extraordinary claims on the campaign trail are nothing new—from George Bush’s “No new taxes” mantra to Bill Clinton’s “I never inhaled” admission. But when Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings sat down with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss President Barack Obama‘s track record with keeping his word to the American public, he managed to overstate the POTUS’s accomplishments just a tad.

“Obama had some 508 promises that he made to the American people and he has acted on all of them except three.” Except three? Doesn’t that seem a little generous? Luckily, Politifact’s “Obameter,” which tracks whether the President keeps his promises or doesn’t, has the up-to-the-minute-tally of our Commander-in-Chief’s claims.

Cummings and Politifact agree that the President made some 508, but the website claims that 56 of them were broken…which is impressive overall, but a lot more than three. Hopefully, the Congressman will work on his math before landing the man he wants to see re-elected in hot water for tall tales he didn’t tell.