The field of public relations is as old as the news industry itself and, like media, has changed substantially in today’s digital age. Traditional public relations practices consisted of press releases, media tours and building relationships with reporters and producers. Though these practices still play a major role in strategic campaigns and branding strategies, the tech boom has ushered in exciting new distribution methods, most notably, social network channels. These new platforms offer marketers greater ability to connect directly with their target audiences and, for the first time ever, allow marketers to track their campaign results in real time. But they also present new challenges and pitfalls that today’s marketer will need to be mindful of when publicizing their ventures in today's digital market. In his new book, Public Relations and Media: PR Strategies for the Digital Age, Mathew Knowles, M.B.A., Ph.D., presents a bite-sized-yet-comprehensive manual into the most effective ways to navigate through this feverish new publicity landscape.  Pages are filled with easy to use tips and practices that both seasoned pros and novices will find helpful.

Mathew Knowles
Credit: Instagram

“Mathew Knowles delves into everything from the importance of the interview to  controlling the narrative and structuring the messages,” says Yvette Noel-Schure, longtime publicist for Destiny’s Child.  “It comes from a proven executive who started from the ground up, learned the business, formed relationships in every sector and who wasn’t and isn’t afraid of the next challenge.”

Knowles is a visionary record executive and talent manager and the founder of Music World Entertainment. Some of the biggest acts to come out of Music World Entertainment include Beyoncé, a global music superstar who has broken sales, charts and award records; supergroup Destiny’s Child; Grammy Award winner Solange Knowles; and Trin-I-Tee 5:7, one of the best-selling gospel groups of all time.