Former NBA Star Matt Barnes is suing his ex-wife Gloria Govan and her parents for allegedly embezzling over $300,000 of his money in an attempt to buy a house in California, reports the Blast.

Barnes claims that during the length of his marriage to Govan, she and her family executed a plan to embezzle money from his personal bank account to purchase a home for the parents in Oakland, California. In the court documents obtained by the site, the former Los Angeles Clipper filed a lawsuit against Govan, both of her parents and her brother Lonnie accusing them of fraud. Barnes says that Lonnie was used as “a straw man,” and bought the home using his forged signature as a co-purchaser. However, the former baller says he was unaware of the purchase.

Barnes also alleges that after Oakland home was bought, the title transferred to Govan and a company named Mengo LLC with his name being completely removed from the title after the transfer.

He is asking that Govan’s parents leave the home immediately as he is the actual owner of the property. He also wants the family to pay back the money they took from him for the purchase along with unspecified damages.

Barnes and Govan married in 2012 and later separated in October 2014, but their divorce was not finalized until December 21, 2016. The couple has a set of twin boys Carter and Isaiah, 9. The Love & Basketball reality star is now engaged to former basketball star Derek Fisher.