Dr. Jacqueline King is the founder of Black Women Empowered (BWE), an organization with more than 3 million followers across social media, which serves as a safe place for Black women entrepreneurs to be encouraged, inspired and uplifted daily. King recently partnered with Dr. Mathew Knowles—father of Beyoncé Knowles—to take the brand to new heights.

"Dr. Knowles and I actually received our doctorate degrees from the same college in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We later connected on LinkedIn when I approached him about interviewing him for my platform.  After two interviews, I asked him if he would do some empowerment sessions for our followers. He agreed," explains Dr. King. "I told him that I wanted to take BWE to another level and offer services and products to help Black and Brown women get to the next level.  We talked about it and created a partnership with him, Rishi Sood and me. We are excited about the experts that will pour into the lives of Black and Brown women and the services we can offer."

What makes this group as dynamic as it is, is its ability to leave positive imprints on the lives of Black women through various areas. Whether mental health or financial stability, supporting one another is a significant aspect of the group’s culture.

“We empower women spiritually, personally, and professionally. While some social media pages just post quotes, affirmations and photos, BWE has live broadcasts including but not limited to prayer and devotion and live interviews.  We bring in empowerment speakers and allow women to share their products and services," shares Dr. King. "We have had workshops and seminars on finances and new business start-ups. We also have mental health and domestic violence information and support. Through our non-profit, Black Women Empowered Safe Haven, we have supported women by paying utilities, providing Christmas toys and providing financial support for disabled veterans as well.”

Dr. King feels that this collaboration with Dr. Mathew Knowles will be a fantastic resource for Black women, given his expertise.

“This will be a one-stop shop for Black and Brown women, adds Dr. King.  "Dr. Knowles and I both have and extensive knowledge in business. It is and will be a win-win.”