I’m reclaiming my time! Representative Maxine Waters not only called out President Trump, but she got a room full of people to join in.

Last night was a big night at EBONY’s annual Power 100 event. Between the esteemed honorees, A-list guests and star studded performances from both the new school (Willow Smith) to the old school (Bell Biv Devoe), it’s safe to say that the last night’s #EP100 was one for the books!

And while there were many memorable moments, there was one in particular that stole the show — and that’s Representative Maxine Water’s #Impeach45 speech calling out President Donald Trump!

Presented by Angela Rye, Waters, who was a recipient of this year’s “EBONY Power 100 Icon Award,” kicked of her “thank you’s” to the EBONY family and team:

“I am extremely honored and humbled to be the 2017 ebony power 100 icon award recipient. And I would like to think Ebony Media for this esteem recognition. This award has special meaning to me because of my deep respect for founder John H. Johnson, for Eunice Johnson and for Linda Johnson also. And the entire Ebony family.”

The 79-year-old Representative of California, who has served in Congress since 1991, then went on to discuss her life-long, and ongoing, mission in politics — including putting those “in power,” in their place!

“Serving first as a legislator in the state of California and now in the United States congress, ladies and gentlemen, no matter what I’ve done and for how long I’ve been doing, I believe that my work is unfinished. And I continue to focus on domestic and foreign affairs and maintaining my commitment to strengthening this democracy and demanding equal opportunities for our community. My dedication and my sense of democracy as a member of congress dictates that I must, at this time, call out the current president of the United States.

I must call him out for who he is and for what he is not! This president literally defined himself as a man with no good values, no good intentions and no respect for the office in which he serves. I have said more than once that he is despicable!”

Rep. Waters then went on to bring up Trump’s history of sexual harassment claims, his tax reform program (which she referred to as a “scam”) and his constant bullying, which she said is “leading us right to war with Korea.”

However, the highlight of Waters moving words was the moment in which she practically said “Bump” Trump and moved a crowd of 600+ people to do the same. In true, “When I say hey, you say yo,” fashion, the esteemed Waters lead a crowd folks to chant and cheer: #Impeach45″

“Our community has come to far, paid to large a price and made too many sacrificies to now be silent… My role has always been to speak truth to power and to call it like it is. As a memeber of the United States congress. I will continue to challange this president, resist this president and I implore you all, who care about justice, eqaulity and the future of our democracy to join me — because I’m not gonna stop — I’m calling for his impeachment. I do not hesititate to say: Impeach 45. Impeach 45!!!”

Now that’s powerful! Watch the full video above!