Rep. Maxine Waters blasted President Donald Trump and Republicans on AM Joy  on Sunday (July 22), saying there must be action taken against the president’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The California Democrat told show host Joy Reid she feels Trump is working for Putin.

“I think he is Putin’s apprentice. He’s been under his tutelage for a long time now,” Waters said on the MSNBC show. “And the Republican Party should be ashamed that they are allowing it to happen.”

Waters’ comments come a week after Trump met Putin at a summit in Helsinki, Finland, where the U.S. commander in chief failed to condemn Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“If [the GOP] don’t take strong action to keep [Trump] from bringing [Putin] here, he’s going to bring him here, and that will be another straw in his hat he can point to and say, ‘See, Mr. Putin, I’m moving this forward,” the congresswoman said.