California democrat, Rep. Maxine Waters, is set to address the nation after President Donald Trump does so during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

Waters will join host Angela Rye for the BET News special, Angela Rye’s State of the Union, which is part of a broader partnership between Rye and the network announced the previous week. Rye is set to executive produce and host quarterly news programs for the network, with this being the first of 2018, according to BuzzFeed News.

A spokesperson for BET told the site that programming will discuss, “building black politics and the value of engagement across today’s socio-political landscape.”

“Working with BET always provides a reminder of why I began to do this work,” Rye said in a statement to BLAVITY. “It is essential that we have platforms where we can discuss our politics, our challenges, and our culture through our respective lenses. The upcoming special will provide a glimpse of what’s to come with our partnership.”