Alleged J.Cole Jump-Off Leaks Inappropriate Flicks After News of His Engagement

Groupies just can’t let a happy moment stay happy. Earlier this week, rumors spread that J.Cole finally put a ring on his college sweetheart, Melissa Heholt (click here if you missed that). And what do you know? A bitter bang buddy decided to release pictures of her and what appears to be J. booed up at a telly. (His face is not clearly shown, but if that ain’t Mr. Crooked Smile himself then he better check homeboy for stealing his steez.) Although there’s room for falsehood in this hot-groupie mess, it’s pretty sad what some will do to ruin a good thing. Let’s just pray that Jermaine Lamarr Cole really has not been late night tipping with these thots.

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Maxwell to Release Sequel to BLACKsummers’night on Valentine’s Day

All you ladies better get ready for that butter baby, because smooth crooner Maxwell announced he’ll be gracing the universe with the second installment of his Summers’ Night triology, blackSUMMERS’night, on Valentine’s Day. Now that this sultry singer has made February 14 an official day of baby conception, we all have the perfect gift to end our evening of romance and fancy chocolates. Just slide in the Max and… yeah, y’all know the rest—it’s about to go down!

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Mariah Carey Bashed for Performing for Angolan Dictator

Once again, Mariah Carey is facing heat for performing for an African tyrant. M.C. issued a boo-hoo apology after putting on a show for Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi’s family back in 2008. But she obviously didn’t feel that bad, because she recently hit the stage for Angolan bully Jose Eduardo dos Santos and his peeps during a gala fund-raiser for the country’s Red Cross (sponsored by his daughter Isabel’s mobile company, Unitel).

Reps for Angola’s Human Rights Foundation are blasting the all-about-the-cash queen for neglecting moral code just to get a piece of that dictator dough, since Santos is said to be one of the most vicious leaders of the motherland. Mrs. Cannon was paid a reported $1 million, so my money meter tells me Mariah is probably somewhere on an island chilling with her feet up.

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