Not many male performers understand a woman's worth quite like neo-soul favorite Maxwell. The soulful crooner, who has captivated audiences everywhere with his high notes, genuine groove and lovely looks, will be returning to the stage this summer on a highly anticipated two-night tour MAXWELL TWONIGHT.

In anticipation for his tour and "SUMMERS," the upcoming sequel to the award-winning "BLACKSummers'Night" trilogy, Maxwell has been dropping musical gems on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, delighting fans with behind-the-scenes snapshots and frequent updates. 

Last night, Maxwell revealed a sneak peek of the new single "Of All Kind," which will be featured on 'SUMMERS':

One day in and the next you're out 

There's no way to insure that no danger 

Will not be found 

Will your angels hear the sounds 

Will i ever be where you are where spirits go 

If my end should come i can only hope that..

There is a light and no end in sight 

Where god and you are combined 

In the brightest light of all kind..

Based off of the thousands of 'likes' and comments alone, Maxwell clearly has another hit on his hands.