During last night’s ‘Women Up’ Live,  EBONY continued in its mission to empower Black women and their respective paths to greatness as MC Lyte and Andra Day blessed the virtual stage. Sharing personal stories around their music careers and responsibilities as artists, the hour-long event provided a masterclass on grace, authenticity and perseverance. 

Kicking off the evening’s event, our CEO Michele Ghee initiated an inspirational conversation with the renowned icon MC Lyte about what it looks like to be of service to the community as an artist. Additionally, the two spoke on how self-awareness impacts success. Specifically, MC Lyte shared a moment that highlighted the significance of knowing who you are and aligning with like-minded people.

The conversation was candid, with MC Lyte and Andra Day revealing intimate tidbits about their journeys. The also talked strategy. The lyricist spoke of the current digital landscape being a prime time for new artists to launch due to increased accessibility to tools. Nevertheless, we were reaffirmed of MC Lyte’s range as a musician, actress, philanthropist, and legendary voice for the culture as she detailed her new music projects and roles that are fulfilling her passion and accenting her longevity. 

Andra Day, who has taken the world by storm with her portrayal of Billie Holiday in Lee Daniels’ " The United States vs. Billie Holiday”, opens up about how her latest film has changed her career. She recently won a Golden Globe for the Best Actress category—she's only the second Black woman to win this award. But Day isn't an overnight success. The entertainer first gained prominence with her single “Rise Up,” from her 2015 debut album “Cheers to the Fall”.

During the sit-down, we also got the 411 on just how far Day went to embody Holiday—including gaining 40 pounds, smoking, and staying character during the entire filming process. But the challenges inspired her. Now, she is committed to telling stories of Black figures in hopes of reaching younger generations.

All in all, this dynamic fireside chat gave us the burst of encouragement we needed as we bring Women’s History Month to a close. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the most recent ‘Women Up’ livestream here, along with our previous ones from the series, via EBONY’s Facebook platform and YouTube channel.