Megan Good Speaks on Divorce

During a Twitter Spaces conversation featuring the cast of Harlem, which was hosted by xoNecole, Meagan Good spoke candidly about her impending divorce from DeVon Franklin and the emotional toll that ending the marriage has taken. The actress expressed that she has always taken breakups in stride because she always entered relationships with the expectation that they would eventually end for one reason or another. However, the challenge with this breakup is that she expected her marriage to last forever.

“In my situation right now, it’s a little bit different because I thought that that would be the last time that I would be doing that and that I would be doing this with that person forever," said Good, before going on to describe the divorce as “the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

Domestic Terrorists Target U.S. Power Grids

A group of domestic extremists have been seeking to disrupt the United States power grid and are expected to continue doing so, according to a Department of Homeland Security intelligence bulletin obtained by CBS News. While frightening, the bulletin, went on to note that "absent significant technical knowledge or insider assistance, small scale attacks are unlikely to cause widespread, multi-state power loss but may result in physical damage that poses risks to operations or personnel."

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Calls for Memo Outlining Biden Administration's Authority to Cancel Student Debt

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, as well as Representatives Ilhan Omar and Pramila Jayapal, and Katie Porter are spearheading efforts that include more than 80 of their House and Senate colleagues to apply pressure to the Biden Administration to release a memo outlining its legal authority to cancel up to $50k in federal student loan debt, according to a press release obtained by EBONY. Section 432(a) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 grants President Biden the legal authority to cancel student debt. In April of 2021, the administration promised to release a memo outlining their ability to cancel student debt; however, this has not happened.

David 'Big Papi' Ortiz Inducted Into Hall of Fame

Former Boston Red Sox player David "Big Papi" Ortiz has been elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, The New York Times reports. Ortiz was voted in by way of the Baseball Writers Association of America. The rest of the 2022 class includes Buck O'Neil, Bud Fowler, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, Gil Hodges and Minnie Miñoso, according to CBS News. The induction ceremony has been schedule for July 24.

Pelosi to Run for Reelection

Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced plans to extend her congressional tenure, which spans more than 30 years, by running for reelection. "I am running for reelection to Congress and respectfully seek your support," Pelosi announced in a video shared on Twitter. "I would be greatly honored by it and grateful for it."