At some point, somewhere, you’ve seen chatter about Meagan Good. Is she too sexy? Is she keeping it real? Is she doing too much to be a preacher’s wife? (Her hubby, of course, is studio exec and preacher DeVon Franklin.)

Truth is, the 32-year-old actress is just plain sexy. She hears the comments, she understands where they come from, and she still plans on killing it every time she steps on a red carpet.

In other words: deal with it.

We chatted recently with the actress, currently co-starring in Anchorman 2, about her roles on and off the screen.

EBONY: You’re a preacher’s wife, an actress and a sexy woman. How do you straddle the line when it comes to picking roles?

Meagan Good: I don’t really straddle the line. I just trust my heart and my spirit and I pray about things. I grew up in this industry since I was a little girl. So sometimes things I may feel are appropriate, a conservative Christian may not agree with me. And that’s OK. We all are unique and we all have unique points of view. But we’re all here to serve God, and build His kingdom. And we’ve all got to have a personal relationship with Him and know in our hearts what’s right for us individually.

EBONY: There’s this additional layer for you because we’ve been watching you act for two decades now. How has that path been for you?

MG: It’s been challenging. By the grace of God, I was a working kid actor. And then you go into your 19, 20, 21, 22 and you’re fighting to prove “I’m not a kid anymore, I’m an adult.” And you see so many kid actors having a tough time making a transition. I think for me at the time, I was absolutely determined to make that transition and prove to people, I am a woman now.

As a result, I went all the way grown woman and sexy. And by the time I was 24, 25, it started to work against me. Because I just became sexy grown woman instead of an actress who was capable and desiring to do so much more than just play a girlfriend or a love interest. So the transition, even though it was a little awkward, I’m thankful I got over the hump into some things [that] allow me to expand.

That’s what the last couple years have been, and I’m feeling great in this season. I feel like I’ve just gotten over the hump where I’m breaking out of being typecast. And I would never complain for the season before. I think that was appropriate for my 20s, and I had a blast and a wonderful time. I’m in my 30s now, and it’s just a completely different season. God’s been seeing me through all of it. I wouldn’t complain because, by the grace of God, I’ve always been a working actor. So anything that’s gone through has been about growth and maturity.

EBONY: It almost felt like you were going through this “allow me to reintroduce myself” phase. People thought they knew you based off the roles you were taking in your 20s. Then it was like, “Oh wait. She’s spiritual and she’s a Christian…”

MG: Yes! It’s interesting because you’ve got the characters I’ve played in the past coupled with what people see on blogs, and they only see a snippet of the reality of what’s going on. Then they come up with an idea of who you are and they don’t really know a lot about you beyond these tiny snippets, some of which aren’t even true or only pieces of the story.

When DeVon and I got married, a lot of people felt that I just became Christian or I just found God when me and him got together. In actuality, it was quite reversed. DeVon and I took an interest in each other because we shared the same beliefs and desires. That’s kind of what started the conversation.

One of the things I loved about him was he could really see me for me. He didn’t see what was written or what people thought or what was being said. He could really see straight through to my heart and read me like a book. I had never really experienced that before. In the past I had always experienced people thinking they know who you are, so I had this tough skin, and with him all of that came down.

It’s been an interesting journey, because I think some people expect something different from me, and part of it is because they just found out I was a Christian. Part of it is because they feel that something should be very different because I’m married. But I think that at the end of the day we have to be our authentic selves. Yes, I have changed in marriage, I’ve definitely grown and matured. But the person he fell in love with is the person that I am and that I’ve always been.

EBONY: The Anchorman 2 role is a fun, different look for you. What made you want to be a part of this crazy sequel?

MG: I was just dying to do something different. My prayer was, I want to do some action, some physical stuff, some comedy. I want to work a different muscle that I haven’t got a chance to really work yet. And comedy, for me, it’s not what I’m used to doing, it’s not my comfort zone. To come to a comedy stage means you have to trust your instincts, be very fearless, and know that a lot of what you do might bomb. To not be afraid anyways and keep pushing through until the magic happens, until you get good at it.

So I wanted to push something different out of me. I wanted to become a better actor and just expand. And I feel like that’s exactly what happened with this. I totally had the best-case scenario—the best teachers, the most loving, genuine people. Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Dave Koechner—all those guys just set you up to win, and they’re so nurturing! They’re not the type of people where you do something that’s not funny and they’re like, “No, that didn’t work.” They’re like, “Oh, OK, that’s fun. Try something different! OK, that’s cool, it’s almost there, but do something different! Try this, try that!” It was amazing.

EBONY: Are you now looking at more comedy scripts for 2014 and beyond?

MG: For sure. I won’t say that I’ll go directly in one particular direction, but I want to do a lot more of it. I also want to do some crazy indies that talk about controversial things. I also want to do some amazing action movies. There’s a lot I want to do, but I definitely want to do a lot more comedies because they’re very freeing for me. I love coming to work because you get to just come and play.

EBONY: What Think Like A Man Too juice can you give us? Does your character evolve the way you hoped?

MG: She does. She definitely hits a roadblock that’s pretty devastating, but at the end of the day, I think the audience will be happy when they see how it all comes together for her.