Lawyers for the rapper Meek Mill thinks he should be released from prison after a new report revealed possible police misconduct involving his arresting officer.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office compiled a secret list of police officers who’ve been accused of lying, racial bias, brutality or abuse of power in order to stop them from testifying in court, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Reginald V. Graham’s, the officer who arrested Mill in 2007, name is allegedly on the list, according to the report. He retired from the force last year.

The list hasn’t been made public and doesn’t  provide specifics on what Graham did, but his former partner testified in a deposition that he and Graham used to steal together.

“I would steal with Reggie Graham,” former officer Jeffrey Walker told the Inquirer. “There was stealing in that whole squad, but these are the people I was basically breaking bread with.”

Meek Mill is currently serving a two to four-year sentence after a probation violation, stemming from his 2007 arrest, landed him back in prison.

Meek’s legal team said they will be launching a bid to free him, according to Page Six.